Salt Of The Earth a natural and chemical free deodorant

Salt Of The Earth: a natural and chemical free deodorant

Are you looking for personal care products that are natural but also chemical free?? Then you are in the right place with Salt of the Earth deodorants. There is a choice of products.

Have you seen this brand?

Healthier living with Salt Of The Earth

Salt Of The Earth wants to help you live healthier this year and helps you do that with its extensive line of natural, chemical-free deodorants. For me, deodorant is a skincare product that, once I’m satisfied, I switch as little as possible. I will sometimes buy a different brand for fragrances or a day cream, but deodorant is so important that it works well. Now this is a deodorant I would like to try. I am more conscious about my skin care products.

For example, these days I use a shampoo bar instead of shampoo to reduce plastic packaging around the house. A natural chemical-free deodorant actually fits very well into that healthier and greener life I want to live.

No chemicals in this deo

And I am certainly not the only one here. A new trend that is reaching more and more Dutch people is the use of natural cosmetics. People are finding it increasingly important to choose products that contain as many natural ingredients and as few chemicals as possible.

It turns out that on average women use 12 skin care products every day, exposing them to 185 unique chemicals. How does Salt Of The Earth differ from other deodorants?? These deodorants are 100% chemical free.

This means they do not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, alcohol, parabens, propellants, triclosan, mineral oils and other chemicals.

A healthy start

Salt Of The Earth’s deodorants contain the natural mineral salt potassium alum, which has been used in Asia for centuries as a natural deodorant. It works by leaving a microscopically thin layer of mineral salts on the skin. These salts prevent the development of body odor from bacteria, give a long-lasting fresh feeling and do not clog pores.

The different scented deodorants contain more than 15 botanical extracts and essential oils. Whether you choose a soft scent like lavender and vanilla or prefer a fresh one with melon and cucumber, with the deodorants you are guaranteed a day without any nasty smells.

The complete Salt Of The Earth family

The complete Salt Of The earth deodorants family consists of: Unscented Classic Stick, Natural Spray and Natural Roll-On. Pure Aura Lavender & Vanilla Spray and Roll-On, the pure Aura Melon & Cucumber spray and roll-on. In addition, the Pure Balance Cedar & Bergamot Spray and Roll-On and Pure Armour For Men Spray and Roll-On

Recommended retail price: €6.99 for the Roll-On and €8.49 for the Spray.

  • Vanilla spray
  • Cucumber roll-onSalt Of The EarthSalt Of The Earth Cucumber roll-on
  • Armour for men spray