From toddler to school -going toddler

From toddler to school -going toddler

I look at my little boy who is playing in a bath full of sop. He is pleasing to talk about it. About SOP, volcanoes, the hairdresser and about school.

Today he went to school for the first time. Suddenly there is a real school -going toddler there. I look again at that little boy and think he has only four years ago still safe in my stomach. While today he stepped into class like a tough guy and said the lady hello. ‘ Hello, here I am!’

From toddler to school -going toddler

He stepped through the door proudly and confidently, gave the teacher a hand and walked into the room. My mother’s heart was proud. He quickly came running for a kiss and walked back.

I wanted to stand and look but thought I could leave better now that things were going so well. He turned around one more time, gave me a wink and I melted. What a tough guy.

Day little toddler!

I remember that I brought him to the playgroup for the first time. Mr. was almost 2.5 years old, could talk very well but was a real toddler. We both found it a bit exciting. I left that little boy behind the leader’s lap, a smile through his tears. My heart broke but I knew he would really be having a good time.

All in all it took a while, but now we are a year and a half further and he will say goodbye to the playgroup next week. That place where it was so familiar. Where he played an afternoon twice a week. Where he secretly had a favorite leader he will certainly miss.

Where he liked to go and where he learned so much and has grown. He will now exchange that nice place for a new, hopefully, nice place. Day little toddler, I’ll miss you!

School -going toddler

Mr. is now a school -going toddler. Next week he will get used to twice a more morning to get to know the group so quietly. And then.. Then the real school life will start. New challenges, gaining knowledge, making friends, playing, discovering and having fun. He feels like it.

And mommy? He also keeps very cool. He tries not to worry and hopes that he has a finer school time than I have had. But with such a tough kid that should be fine.

I am already proud of that little blond boy!

How did you find it to take your child to primary school? You worry (too)?

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