Stickers and more at Label de Heus

Stickers and more at Label de Heus

On my Friday blogs – I put a webshop in the spotlight- search I always end up at other webshops. Super nice, of course. Today Label de Heus is the focus of my blog.

A webshop with decals and more!

Label de Heus

Meanwhile, I am a true connoisseur of webshops. What strikes me about the Label de Heus site is that the amount of products is much larger than what you would initially expect. When you see the home page this is not immediately obvious. It’s not just wall stickers or text boards that they sell. There’s more, much more.

Think bracelets with name, bath caps or bath teats. Gifts for teachers, wooden scrabble letters, growth meters or glassware.

Stickers and more

Label the Heus stands for wall stickers, text boards and textile printing. Text signs can be wood or plexiglas. They are all handmade. Is the text you would like is not there or would you like a different size this is possible. You just have to indicate this in the contact form and the possibilities will be looked at.

The Wall Stickers Come in So Many Choices, For Example For A Birth, The Nursery or the Living Room. Again, in Consultation, Adjustments Can Be Made.


The Children &#8217S Cutlery I Like Very Much, Not All Examples Are Avisable in Photo ’ S, the Ones with the Tractor and Car Are Very Nice And Show How It Looks Like. Here the Boys also Both Got Their Own Cutlery with Name After the Birth. It remains a nice gift to give or get.

I also notice the growth meters. Super Cute with Birds, Owls or Stars. The Soft Toys with Text Or Music Box Are Also Very Suitable As Maternity Gifts (You Can Supply the Text Yourself), Just Like The Suitcases. On these suitcases you can put the name of the child, but also pictures like a heart or tractor.

If desired, there can also be composed maternity cases.

Gift for the teacher

What I also really like on the Label de Heus site are the gifts for the teachers. There are booklets with thank you notes, but also watering cans with text. Super fun and something different to give at the end of the school year.

Label the Heus stands for much more than just stickers and more! What I always like on a site is to read about the person behind the product, something I miss on this site. They could also advertise on the homepage much more about the products they sell.

If you are having a party, need a maternity gift or want to brighten up your home, you should definitely take a look here.