Seasonal tree for toddlers

Here’s how to make a seasonal tree

For his first birthday our son got a table and two chairs. The well-known Ikea set. It was given a prominent place in the living room and a small cabinet on top of it in which I always crafted a seasonal scene. Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn, St. Nicholas, Christmas, everything came along.

The cabinet became a bit rickety and actually too small. Time for something different.

A few weeks ago I saw on Hip and hot the seasonal tree. Made of plain wood, big enough to hang something in and sturdy enough for toddler hands. Perfect!

So this one was ordered and delivered just before our son’s third birthday! I turned it into a real birthday tree with the letter garlands from Little Wannahaves.

Now the party is over again so it was time for a new theme. Since our son is always busy looking for bugs in the garden, the theme was quickly chosen. Summer critters. Bees, ladybugs, a spider and a caterpillar.

To finish it off a few more flowers.

I used cardboard for all the animals. The flowers are made of tissue paper. Everything is then secured in the tree with double-sided adhesive tape.

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