Wicker and rattan- more bohemian accents in the living room

Wicker and rattan- more bohemian accents in the living room

Do you want more bohemian accents in the living room, do you want that adventurous feeling in your home?. With wicker and rattan bring those famous ibiza vibes into your home, keep that vacation feeling all year round. But what should I buy to feel at home in my own house??

Feel at home in your own home

How do you view your home? Is your home decorated to make you feel happy?? Is it your taste?? Maybe you want more, but your budget just can’t handle it, maybe you want different, but don’t know what. With the necessary accessories you also come a long way.

At Sweetlivingshop you will find everything for your home where wicker and rattan have the upper hand. And let this be perfect for a bohemian atmosphere at home.

Why do you want a bohemian atmosphere in your home

Some people, and I include myself, love the bohemian vibe. For me this is the cheerful, the lively and adventurous what this atmosphere brings. My home is colorful and cheerfully decorated with the necessary accents of wicker and rattan.

But that this can be done much more I now know.

Why wicker and rattan

Wicker and rattan in the house create atmosphere in your living room, bedroom and/or bathroom. Wicker and rattan can fit into a bohemian home as well as a home that has a rural or industrial interior. You can go either way with this.

You can of course choose wicker furniture so it dominates the house or go for just accessories.

Accessories in the home

For accessories made of wicker and rattan you can think of a storage basket, a laundry basket for the bedroom or bathroom or a wicker planter. Just these small changes in the home give a whole different (bohemian) vibe.

Besides wicker and rattan more Bohemian accents

Now you can choose wicker and rattan in the living room because it is so nice and bohemian, but you can create that bohemian atmosphere in so many other rooms as well. How about the nursery. With the nursery accessories from Ukkie & You can also decorate your son or daughter’s room in bohemian atmospheres, such as a wall circle with rainbow trend. Even the kitchen can get that boho vibe.

With an induction protector you can give your kitchen extra color. Choose a jungle theme, or one with sea creatures, this way you will automatically get into vacation mode and give color and thus more accents to your home.

Color your home

It doesn’t have to be much to give your home a bohemian feel. Or to give your home more color. Look around and see what you are missing.

Do you miss atmosphere, do you miss warmth, search online for items that will give your home that extra touch?.