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Sedum on roof- Learn more about sedum on a roof

Sedum on the roof is a great way to make your home more sustainable. Indeed, roofs bring many benefits! Sedum roofs increase local biodiversity, filter air and reduce ambient noise and temperature. Other benefits include:

  • The green roof forms an insulating layer, thus a lower energy bill
  • Making your roof less likely to erode
  • Better drainage of rainwater
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Looks sustainable and contributes to a greener environment

Enough reasons to install a sedum roof!

Climate proof

Sedum on the roof also makes your environment more climate resistant. For example, by filtering CO2 from the air, but mainly by lowering the temperature and draining water. Part of the rainwater is in fact stored by the sedum roof in the plants or the substrate layer of the roof. It means less inconvenience in heavy showers. Besides, the water is of course good for the plants again.

You rarely need to water your roof yourself.

A cooler house thanks to sedum on the roof!

Outside periods of drought, rain is more than enough. When it does dry for a longer period of time, your roof also brings benefits. The roof actually lowers the ambient temperature because the plants absorb more sunlight than a roof without vegetation.

In summer, this can even lower the temperature by several degrees!

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