Creating atmosphere in the garden and home

Creating atmosphere in the garden and home

Want more atmosphere in the garden? So you can enjoy your garden all year round? And can your home also something more cozy use in these dark days?

Think about a glass fire pit. It not only looks attractive, it also gives warmth to the garden and your home.

Extra atmosphere and greenery

Your garden is the place where you can spend summers, alone, with the family and hopefully soon again with family and friends. If you want extra atmosphere in your garden you can do this by placing planters, for example. But if you want to go all out think about a glass fire pit. At Green-Lab.En find everything for your garden.

They are the online specialist in garden products in the Netherlands.

Glass fire pit

Evening on a balmy summer evening or in winter with hot chocolate in hand. How nice it is when you create atmosphere and warmth with a glass fire pit?

For in the garden and in the house

I received a glass fire pit that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This glass fire pit is a real eye catcher in the garden. And creates atmosphere and warmth.

And if it is wet outside or windy. A glass fire pit can also be used indoors. It adds extra coziness to your living room.

Enjoy beautiful flames without stench, soot and harmful gases.

Use of the fireplace

For the fire pit you need Bio-ethanol, this you buy o.a at Action or for convenience you can order right away at the fire pit. Also make sure you have long matches or a long lighter. When you light the burner, the flames need some time to catch fire.. I wait every time to put the lid on the burner, otherwise it will measure out again. After 10 minutes the flames are well warm and you can see them coming up.

The best is to let the fire pit go up completely, but you can also extinguish it with the supplied hook and slide.

here still without the lid on the burner

A cozy atmosphere in the house and garden

I find it very cozy to have a glass fireplace in the garden, it gives warmth and atmosphere, for now (keep in mind the weather) and certainly in the summer. But also in the living room I find it very cozy, the children like to sit near it because it is nice and warm. The fire pit stands firm and is a beautiful design.

It gives a cozy atmosphere in the house.

Atmosphere in the garden and home with a glass fireplace

warm and cozy

Bio-Ethanol a sustainable option

This glass fireplace is filled with bioethanol. This is a clean and economical fuel. Almost no smell or smoke is released during combustion, which is why these fireplaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. If that does not give extra atmosphere in your home or garden!

And isn’t that just what we could use at the moment??

The specifications of the Enjoyfires fire pit Bio-Ethanol

  • The burner measures 25x25x65cm
  • The burner has a capacity of 0.7 liters
  • It burns for over 1.5 hours
  • Comes with: burner, flame shutter and glass walls
  • Use only Bio-Ethanol to fill the burner
  • You do not need electricity for the burner

Enjoy your garden optimally

Right now, of course, we don’t see many people other than our own family and right now-with the holidays coming up- creating extra atmosphere and coziness is something we all might want to do. But also when we can meet again and be together I hope we can be outside a lot, in the garden. Light the glass fireplace, light the barbecue and enjoy being together.