Doing the dishes together with the kids

Doing housework together- washing dishes with the kids

On vacation and still participating in the #mamachallenge2016 tasks. Together it household do. Chores you can do at home with the children.

This task is the seventh in line. In my case, this is doing the dishes with the eldest.

Doing the housework together

During the vacations we actually always stay in a tent on a campsite, here is -fortunately- little housework to do. Actually it is only the dishes that need to be done and that is something I am not used to since we have a dishwasher at home. Still, on vacation, doing the dishes together is a lot of fun.

Washing dishes together is chatting together

When I did the dishes every day during the three weeks of camping in Switzerland, I found that this was a nice moment of being together with one of the kids. My eldest helped me every evening. He didn’t want to dry the dishes, but he was only too happy to do so.

I noticed that we both enjoyed this moment very much. He also had a lot of questions. ‘Because why do we never wash up at home?’

The challenge

Together we chatted throughout the dishes and with an eight year old boy you get the best conversations. Washing and drying dishes is not my hobby, but the fun conversations it gave my son and me decided to do the dishes at home together last night. Strange maybe, after all we have a dishwasher, but my son asked if we could do some hand washing at home too and I thought that was a very good idea.

Kids like to help

So it so happened that we also started washing dishes by hand at home one day. My son really enjoyed it. Maybe I should remember this and he can help me with the housework. Although he was disappointed that the dishes at home are clearly more than on vacation.

He also had to be much more careful. The camping stuff is mostly plastic and at home there is more glass with it. Still we had lots of fun and chatted away.

Still, this – hand washing the dishes- was a project for once, because although I like the discussions with my son, I’d rather have them at another time. When I unpack the dishwasher for example.

What household chores do you do with your kids

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