What apps will help you in the busy holiday month

Which apps help you in the busy holiday month

Just a little while and it’s December, the busy holiday month. Some enjoy this immensely, but others get stressed just thinking about this period. If you find that you are not as relaxed going into the holidays as you would like to be, see what can help you in this busy time.

I give you some tips which apps help during the holidays, just to relax a bit.

Which phone do you choose

Relaxed through the holidays, which apps will help you. If you want to put apps on your phone then the first thing to do is to choose a good phone with the right bundle. After all, you do not want to be without internet during the holidays.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. A good mobile is the iPhone 11. This is a phone that you can do anything with.

A cell phone with lots of memory, room for all your favorite apps and a really good camera.

Go for a subscription or prepaid

More and more people are getting subscriptions, because we cannot live without internet on our phones. Yet people still opt for prepaid internet too. Especially when you are home a lot and can then use the home internet. But with the holidays coming up, you may find that you will be using the internet more outside the home.

Then prepaid internet is the solution.

Which apps will help you during the holidays

Maybe you are deliberately increasing your (prepaid) bundle for the holidays. Just because you’re on the go more often or using internet on your mobile more these days while you’re not at home but with family. And maybe you’ll put a lot more apps on your mobile this time too.

Apps for the holidays

There are apps you might use more often than usual during the holidays, think apps for toy shopping, clothing shopping, but maybe also for interior design, because if the family is coming over for dinner again after two years, you might need some extra plates and glassware.

What are we cooking this Christmas

Let me start with some apps that can help you make Christmas dinner. Because whether you want to cook an elaborate meal or an easy bite, a little inspiration never hurts. Apps you can consult include:

  • Jamie Oliver’s Recipes
  • Jumbo
  • AH

Learn to relax with and Mindfulness App

Could you use some relaxation during the holidays, then it is very wise to put a Mindfulness App on your smartphone. Examples of apps that can help you relax are:

  • Stop, breathe & think
  • VGZ Mindfull coach
  • Let’s Meditate

Looking for great gifts

With the holiday season comes gifts, of course. Are you someone who can suddenly think of something that you have yet to buy for someone within the family or friends. Then it’s super easy to have these apps on your phone, because to think of them is to order:

  • The app from Marktplaats
  • Globe.com
  • Xenox ( also great for shopping for yourself)
  • Hema

Buy your party clothes in a click

If you like to buy your party clothes online, put an app from your favorite clothing store on your mobile phone. This way you can enjoy looking around at your favorite outfits while waiting in line while shopping or when lounging on the couch:

  • Zalando
  • H&M
  • Wehkamp
  • Mango
  • C&A
  • Omoda

Make it easy on yourself

We all do it, on the couch, scrolling on your phone. That’s where you often get the best ideas. How easy is it to then immediately grab your app and order. The kids on the couch don’t even realize you are buying them presents during Sinterklaas News. And to relax a bit, buy yourself something nice too.

There are of course many more apps to put on your phone for during the busy December month, so I’m curious, what is your favorite?

photo free image from Pexels Photo by Julia Larson/ collaboration