Starting with low carb eating. Not a diet but a lifestyle

Start with low carb eating. Not a diet but a lifestyle

Low carb eating Is not only a good way to lose weight, but also gives more energy and makes for a healthier life. You don’t have to deny yourself everything making it an easy way to live healthy. But how do you start eating low carb??

So what exactly is low carb eating

With a low-carb diet, the focus is not so much on how much you eat (you don’t count calories), but on what you eat. Eat food that is as unprocessed as possible. Mainly vegetables, a little fruit and limited carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, pasta and bread and added sugars.

It’s certainly not that you won’t eat any carbs at all, just eat more complex carbs, i.e. carbs from vegetables that are gradually absorbed by your body and in which you will find a lot of good dietary fiber along with other healthy nutrients. And just those fast carbs those sugars found in cookies and candy or in ready-to-eat products you will avoid.

Why eat low carb?

I have been eating low carb since last September. I started this to lose the vacation pounds’s, but soon noticed that I felt much fitter, no longer tired, no more afternoon dips and stayed on weight. Many more benefits than I initially thought.

I had to change my eating habits

How did I suddenly think of this? It was Sunday afternoon, the next day the children went back to school for the first time and I had anyway in my head to start watching my eating habits again after the vacations. I read about low-carb eating in a magazine and decided to look into it, I looked for information and recipes, immediately on Monday I started with these new recipes.

Tips to adjust your eating pattern

How did I start low carb eating? I changed my breakfast from yogurt with granola, to Greek yogurt with unsalted nuts and blueberries. Changed my lunch from two slices of bread, to low-carb lunches, which already include a lot of vegetables and in my dinner I replace potatoes and rice with lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes or take an extra vegetable with it. And instead of pasta I made zucchini for myself.

Especially for dinner, you can find so many delicious recipes. What I also did and that helped me a lot was to stop eating cookies. I always took these in the afternoon, where I often found it hard to stick to a cookie.

It was hard at first because your body craves those sugars, but when you eat so healthy at lunch, you ’ll have little desire to eat again in the afternoon, so the craving for sugar goes away pretty quickly.

Lunch of beets, goat cheese, peppers and pistachio nuts from Pure Pascale

Don’t be too hard on yourself

What is very important to maintain healthy eating is not to be too strict with yourself. I also drink a glass of wine or beer, have a piece of cake if there is something to celebrate, and on the weekend there will be toast or chips on the table. And if we have something else that does have rice or potatoes in it, I just take that too.

Just because I am not very strict, I like this food very much.

The Advantage of Eating Low Carb

The Advantage of Low-Carb Eating For Me is that, Besides Losing Kilos ’ S, I Have Regained a Lot of Energy. The First Few Weeks I Actually Lost the Kilos ’ S and Since January I Am Now at a Stable Weight. I already had a good bmi, but now I’m 10 kilos Ligter and feel completely at home. My Clothes Fit Well and My Energy Level is High. That is perhaps the most important thing for me.

I was familiar with feeling tired often, having the flu, sore throat and all this has been gone for a year now.

More Tips!

Besides Eating Lots of Vegetables and Reducing Products Like Bread, Potatoes, Rice, Pasta and Sweets and Cookies, There Are Of Course A Few More Tips!

Eat Lots of Vegetables and Healthy Fats

Eat three meals a day anyway and mainly vegetables (preferably three hundred grams) and fewer carbohydrates. Fats are allowed, but choose unprocessed healthy fats. These can be found in fatty fish, nuts, avocado, seeds and olive oil.

Use common sense and eat fatty foods in moderation. A handful of nuts is fine, but don’t eat a whole bag of them.

Natural sugars in fruit

Eating fruit is also great because fruit contains natural sugars in addition to vitamins. Eat one or two a day and choose fruits that are not so sweet. Tropical fruits such as pineapple and banana are high in sugars.

Apples, pears, blackberries, berries and strawberries have less sugars.

Replace products

And now you are having trouble avoiding pasta, rice and potatoes. See if you can substitute with cauliflower rice, broccoli rice or zucchini pasta. Do you feel like lasagna? Then use eggplant or zucchini slices instead of lasagna sheets.

Lowcarbchef’s low-carb zucchini lasagna is a hit here at home!

Tip: The cookbooks of Pascale Naessens

Another tip are the cookbooks of Pascale Naessens, almost every day I cook a lunch or dinner from one of her books. The recipes are healthy, tasty and often easy to make.

See which lifestyle suits you!

Now, low-carb eating feels really good to me, it fits into my lifestyle just fine and I don’t have to leave anything out. Still, even with low-carb, it is important to keep thinking carefully and make sure you don’t get too short. Also, this may not be for you at all.

Important is (but that counts for every way of eating healthy) read well and find those points that suit you.