Superheroes and children’s clothing the cutest clothes and accessories

Superheroes and children’s clothing, the cutest clothes and accessories

Superheroes and children’s clothing. The ideal combination? Definitely!

Because every child wants to wear a shirt with his favorite hero? Superhero shop, the name says it all, sells the cutest children’s clothes featuring today’s superheroes.

Superheroes and children’s clothing

Maybe you still know the webshop Superheldenshopl under the old name HipbyMoos. Owner Monique started the online store HipByMoos in 2015, but in July 2016 changed the store, updated it and turned it into the superhero and children’s clothing store. Hereby the name changed into Superhero Shop

Boys and girls

Cool Boys and Hip Girls can indulge themselves at Superheroesshop Whichever superhero they are a fan of, you can find them all at this webshop. Angry Birds, Spiderman, Cars, Minions there is something for every child. The boys clothing is available in sizes 98 to 134. For the young ladies, in addition to shirts and pajamas’s you will also find cheerful dresses from the colorful Spanish brand ‘Rosalita Senoritas’.

The sizes in which the clothes can be purchased are from size 92 to me 146.

Not just children’s clothes

As the name suggests, in addition to superheroes and children’s clothing, you will find much more super stuff at Superheldenshop, including (outdoor) toys, posters for the children’s bedroom and earrings, hats and gloves. And how about a Spiderman toy??

Playing outside with the coolest Frisbee ever

Playing outside is healthy, we all know that. Kids sometimes need a little encouragement to play outside and for this you can also visit Monique’s site. A tennis set with net, skippy balls or a cool skateboard. Take your pick.

Here the boys are excited about the cool 45 cm Flying disk, an ultra-light frisbee, which they recently received. The trendy color of the Frisbee is super. Because the Frisbee is made of fabric and is therefore super light, it can hang in the air very well, which makes Frisbeeing super cool and allows you to make the most awesome actions..

Here in the house not only the youngest men are enthusiastic about the Frisbee.

Enthusiastic about this superheroes and kids clothing shop

Have you become enthusiastic about Superhero Shop? Be sure to take a look at the site. The service is great! Follow this shop on Facebook.

Super Sales are organized regularly, where you can buy super clothes at great prices.