Toy of the Year -Micromacro Crime City

Toy of the Year Micromacro: Crime City

Until October 25 You can Vote for the Election Toy of the year. Three Winners Were Recently Announced for Each Category. One of these winners is Micromacro: Crime City. We were allowed to try this game and for us this game is really a winner.

Why? You Read It Here.

Election Toy of the Year

The Toy of the Year election has been a household name for almost 50 years and is a good advisor when buying toys or games. This year, the pageant has been revamped with five new categories such as games, durable and puzzles, and a professional jury prize has been added to the pageant in addition to the audience prize. All entries were judged by the expert jury, consisting of experts in the toy and games industry, on originality, safety, quality, fun to play, relationship to an age group and durability.

Micro Macro: Crime City

Three winners were declared in each category. Micro Macro: Crime City has been declared in the 10 category & 11 years and in the Family games category

MicroMacro: Crime City is a cooperative detective game. Together you solve cunning crimes, investigating, looking for motives and searching for evidence to convict the perpetrators. A sharp eye is at least as important as logical reasoning.

This is the real detective work!

How this game works

What’s in the box:

  • 1 large city map
  • 120 investigation maps
  • 16 envelopes
  • 1 magnifying glass for the smallest details

How does the peel:

There are 16 different crimes committed in the city. Each crime consists of a number of cards. On each card you will find a symbol and the number of the card in the upper right corner.

Put all the crimes in the enclosed envelopes. 1 player is the chief investigator, he leads the investigation. Complete the tasks and find the specific spot on the city map.

Solve all the puzzles.

Why does the jury think this game is a winner

In MicroMacro: Crime City, players must collectively figure out the course of crimes. There are 16 different tasks (crimes) with increasing difficulty, which must be solved (once). Pieces of information about a crime are given on cards. Using this, players must find on the map of Crime City the place where that situation occurred and thus reconstruct the course of the crime. The city map shows from above houses, streets, cars and people doing all kinds of things.

The map looks very busy and is full of small details, which can be important. A good search is needed. When a situation is found, the next card is consulted, and so on.

Searching and solving the crime together provides excitement and fun. Old and young can compete well with this game. The game promotes visual information processing, focused attention, logical (deductive) thinking, overview and cooperation.

Fun to play with friends or the whole family.

Our opinion about the game

What a cool game this is. Okay you need some space for it, because the city map is big. We played it on the ground.

Put down the map here, grabbed the magnifying glass and began the introductory game. One player is the main player and reads out the texts of the cards. He or she grabs the first card and passes on the clues, after this you start searching.

In the first rounds it is indicated that you have to be in the north-east or the south-west, but the games become more and more difficult. Having found the first clue, the reader takes the second card, reads the text aloud, and looks for clues, causes and effects. This is how you solve accidents, disappearances and for example in the third game a robbery.

The games are getting trickier so really start with the introductory game to actually get the hang of it.

The searching, watching, deliberating and playing together is what makes this game so incredibly fun. A real winner as far as we are concerned! Curious about the game. Click here for a selling point