Need shade- Which parasol fits your garden or balcony

Need shade- Which parasol fits your garden or balcony?

There is nothing like sitting in the garden or lounging on your balcony with the sun in your face, but this often not for too long, because soon we long for a little shadow. How to provide shade in your garden or on your balcony? Which parasol, which sunshade offers you the best protection from the sun?

In this article you can read all about it.

Shade in the garden or on the balcony

However nice it is to sit outside, most people quickly seek shade. Logical, the sun is often very bright and too hot to sit outside, a parasol is then the right sun protection you need. But which parasol suits your garden or balcony best?

What do you have room for?

Choice in parasols

Which parasol you choose has to do with your taste, but also with the space you have. Because if you have a big garden you will probably choose a different umbrella than if you have a small garden or balcony. If you want more shade in the garden, you can also choose several spots where you can place or hang a parasol.

The stick parasol

Perhaps the most common parasol is the stick parasol. Stick parasols are parasols that have the pole in the middle of the parasol. You see them everywhere and especially in the garden and on a balcony excellent to use. They are there from small to large.

Where you can choose from aluminum sticks, but also sticks made of wood.

A stick parasol comes in three shapes

With a stick umbrella you can choose different sizes from small to large. And they are for sale in three shapes. A round stick parasol, rectangular or square.

So there is a parasol suitable for any garden or balcony situation where shade is desired.

A floating parasol

Besides a stick parasol, you can also choose a floating parasol. Floating umbrellas are becoming more and more common in gardens, although you do need to have some space. The advantage of a floating parasol is that the parasol can be placed further away from your garden furniture.

That way you don’t have to bother with the umbrella pole and umbrella base if you want to enjoy the shade.

A wall parasol

A wall parasol can also be your best choice for shade. The characteristic of a wall parasol is that the frame of the parasol runs horizontally instead of vertically. Instead of a pole supporting the umbrella cover, a wall parasol has what is called an arm that holds up the umbrella cover.

The arm of the parasol is usually mounted on a stone wall, but in some cases can also be attached to a metal or wooden pole.

Do you now have a small garden or a balcony and are looking for shade for this too, then a wall parasol is ideal There is in fact no parasol base on a wall parasol, but it is, understandably fixed to the wall.

Where to buy sunshades

You can buy parasols online at parasol-shop where they have a large assortment of parasols and accessories. Here you can find sunshades for a balcony, a round stick parasol for your bohemian garden, a square parasol for a large roof terrace or a rectangular parasol to put against a roof. Enough choice for your garden or balcony to sit in the shade if desired.