Book full of recipes crafts and crafts

Book full of recipes, crafts and handicrafts

Smûk by Wimke Tolsma is a book full of simple self-makers. A book for everyone who loves recipes, crafts and crafts. A book that stands out because of the clear explanations, beautiful pictures and great ideas. Divided into the four seasons.

For anyone who loves to bake, craft or craft.

A book for you and me

Smûk is a book for creative people, for the pro’s and for beginners, for people who like to make things themselves, for those who try recipes and like to look in the kitchen cupboards to see what can be used for crafts. Smûk is full of simple self-makes that you can make yourself or with children together. The book is so beautiful in text and picture, that just browsing through it will get you excited.

Make your life more Smûk

Now I myself had never heard of the word ‘Smûk,’ but are you from Friesland then you probably know what Wimke Tolsma, author of the book, is talking about. The literal translation of the word Smûk, I read in the book, is ‘cozy and warm/ comfortable.’ “See happiness in little things, the wind in the sails, the sun shining on the water. To make your own little happiness and enjoy smûk at home too, you don”t need much;

Everyone can tinker

Whether you've been crafting for years or just occasionally, Wimke hopes her book will show that everyone can craft, bake and craft. That you can make impressive things with simple instructions (and stuff you often already have around the house). Énd that you create your own happiness that way. Because Smûk, that's seeing the beauty in little things.

Recipes, crafts, crafts

Recently I received Smûk. And what immediately stands out is the beautiful design of the book. The cover color is very calm with a beautiful photo of the author in front. As a result, the book arouses calm and curiosity, because what will be in this book? When you open the book you will see the four seasons in the contents.

Four beautiful photo’s with fifteen easy selfies below. Autumn, by the way, has sixteen self-makers, that's because the last two can be combined. The self-makers are divided into: Recipes, crafts and crafts. Because of the wide variety of homemade recipes and the fact that you will have many of the basic ingredients you will need at home, this book is very accessible.

A book that should be in the closet of every do it yourself fan.

My favorites

What's really nice about the book is that before you start with the first homemade dolls, there's a very clear explanation of crochet stitches. Now I crochet a lot, but I can very well imagine (and remember) how crocheting can be quite a challenge. And even though the craft pages’re of course my favorite-I'm very excited about the knotted wall pendant, which I want to make first-there are so many fun homemades in this book.

The Smorespot or the Bodyscrub that you can make yourself immediately catch my eye. In fact, every page makes you want to take action and be creative.

Make garlands out of tangerine peels Coziness and warmth in one book How to make your own weaving frame. In Sm√Ľk you will read this with step by step instructions

This book is truly a gift

Whether you give this book away during the holidays or treat yourself with it, it is a book to enjoy. The beautiful photos’s, the fun ideas, the simple self-makers. You can make everyone happy with this book. You don’t have to be a pro at crafting to get started with this fun and surprising book.

And not immediately the mood to start, just browsing through Smûk is already a feast!


Smûk, the book full of simple self-makers & recipes is for sale for € 17,95 on the site or at Bol. But you can also win: I may give away two books. What you have to do to win: