Chess with children- What are the rules of the game again

Chess with children- What are the rules of the game again?

The oldest comes home, all excited ‘ I can learn chess‘. At school every year a few children from grades 5-6 and 7 are allowed to learn this. Great fun, but then we also have to get our brains working again and think about the rules of the game.

Learning to play chess at school

Super elated is the oldest now that he can learn to play chess. Games we play more often. We play a lot of checkers at home, but with chess there are a lot more rules involved. A teacher specially comes to school to teach the children the principles of the game.

In addition to learning chess, they are given homework. The whole event will be concluded with a real family evening, where we can play chess with and against him.

The rules of the game

Meanwhile, my husband has looked up the rules of chess and is practicing some off with the son. The oldest knows how to tell us a lot more about the rules, such as the point count of the stones (completely unknown to me until now) and castling. So nice that my son is now telling me how it was even with the rules of the game.

Extra’s at school

I love that they use this kind of initiative at school to teach children chess. Well he can learn well and keep up at school, so he doesn’t miss anything when he’s away from class for an hour.Now that I see what he is learning, I realize that I could not have taught him this even if I had the rules of the game with it. I personally love that he is now teaching us how the game goes and he is also building a bucket of confidence as a result.

The eldest does not yet win from his father, but that is only a matter of time before he beats his father at chess!