From toddler room to nursery with these tips

From toddler room to nursery with these tips!

Is it high time to give the bedroom of your toddler an upgrade? In this article you will find tips for transferring a toddler room to a children’s room.

Probably it is a little bit with pain in your heart, because that toddler room probably looks super cute. But at a certain moment it is really time to give your toddler a real children’s room. Read on for handy nursery inspiration!

Toddler bed out, single bed in it

To start with, it is of course high time to replace the toddler bed with a large bed. A single bed with which your child should be at least ahead of the next ten years. Keep this in mind when purchasing the bed, but also when purchasing the mattress.
As for the bed I would recommend opting for a fairly neutral bed. The disadvantage of, for example, a car bed (a bed in the shape of a car) is that you are really having a temporary bed again, that you have to replace in a few years because your child will no longer find it cool. So keep the bed neutral and, for example, take care of the bedding that it fits perfectly with the age of your child.
The choice of the mattress is also an important choice. Good to know is that you need a size mattress 90 × 200 for a single bed for a single bed. Consider carefully in advance if you want this mattress to last until puberty, or shorter. We ourselves opted for a cheaper mattress when our toddler switched to a single bed, in connection with the cleanliness ’ at night.

After two years of sleeping on this mattress, we bought a new, good mattress that can easily be taken up to and including puberty.

Functional furniture

You can functionally design the children’s bedroom, especially when your son or daughter’s bedroom is not very large space. For example, think of a bench in the room, which at the same time serves as storage space. Or a low table with drawers for clothing and where you can place a wooden train or a motorway on the top.
I personally find the beds with a drawer underneath an invention. This way you use the useless space under a bed in the most ideal way.
With a half -high bed you have even more space under the bed. Just think about how long this bed will last: your child still likes this at the age of eight, for example?

Safety first

Another important point that you always have to take into account is the safety of the room. To begin with, make sure that a high wardrobe is attached to the wall. Small children do not oversee the dangers of a cupboard door a little too hard.
Nature wood furniture is beautiful, but make sure they are sanded so that your child cannot get splinters.
Also think of accessories on a shelf, sockets that provide you with a children’s protection and sharp corners of furniture.

Hopefully with these tips you can move forward in the transformation from toddler room to nursery!

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