Enjoying together in the winter Efteling, what an experience

Enjoying together in the winter Efteling, what an experience

The Efteling, I have been there twice. Once upon a time when I was a young girl and later still had times with school. So often I think I would like to go again, but somehow it doesn’t happen.

Fairy Tale Wonderland

In recent years we have been to Enkhuizen several times, at Sprookjes Wonderland. When the boys were little this was a great park to hang out in and also in winter it is always completely transformed into winter wonderland for a few weeks. The park is nice in summer, but in winter it is an experience with all the lights.

The winter Efteling

On the day the Christmas vacations began, we ’d go to the winter Efteling in the evening. It started at 7:30 ’s and this alone was magical. Of course I haven’t been to the Efteling in years but to be able to experience it in the dark with all the little lights.

what a treat

The boys were euphoric days beforehand! And logical of course. The Efteling is already magical, but at night, with all the lights, it’s even more so.

It was a big party. When we arrived we were all given a Santa hat with lights. Throughout the park you could see red lights going up and down. Since the boys knew exactly the way we walked behind them. First idea them in the Fata Morgana and then the Pyton, what fun it was and although there were many people the queues were not too bad.

We went on the roller coaster in the dark and to Vila Volta. Meanwhile, e feast our eyes on the fountains and all the performances in the park. At the end the boys were very tired and as soon as they were in the car they slept immediately.

Download the Efteling App

Since it was almost thirty years ago for me the last time I as here, so I really did not recognize at all. Plus it was hard to get my bearings in the dark. Super easy it I downloaded the Efteling App,. Here I saw the map, the times of the shows and knew exactly where to find which attraction.

This app e got especially for this evening, but I saw in the park that you can normally download this app too. Highly recommended.


Magical evening

The efteling is always fun, but at was so in the dark and late ops evening magical! We had a great time and should definitely go back to visit all the other attractions again.