Fairytale Wonderland Enkhuizen- fun day out

Fairytale Wonderland Enkhuizen – great day out

Have you been eating Fairytale Wonderland Been in Enkhuizen? This is a super fun park for younger children, with fairy tales, a playground, shows and attractions. Fairytale Wonderland is the ideal family outing during the vacations.

What to see and do?

Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen is a beautiful place. Packed with fairy tales, beautiful performances, a large playground and animals in an animal pasture. The park is uncluttered and ideal with young children.

The fairytale forest

If you pass by the cash register of fairy tale wonderland, walk first to the self-driving cars’where children can finally drive their parents around for once.Then you walk to the fairytale forest and start at the gnome village.

Music and dancing

You can take a look in their houses and they tell – often with cheerful songs and tunes – what you see in their house. Then you walk past the famous fairy tale: Hans & You will meet Gretel at the candy house and Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the Wolf and the 7 Little Goats, they will all be there too. Little Thumb and Pinocchio are also featured.

After the beautiful fairytale forest, you can then enjoy performances of Violinde, the time house and Gulliver’s travels.

Attractions in Fairytale Wonderland

But there are also attractions in fairy tale wonderland, such as boats, you can ride a rocking horse on a park course, there is a real ship, which also goes pretty high and you can ride on the train through the park. Starting July 1, there is a new attraction ‘The Fencepedition’.

A very large playground

There is also a large playground with fun for small children, but also the older children can do a lot of scrambling and climbing.. The petting zoo and ornamental gardens are also great fun to visit.

A day out

Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen may not be the first park you think of for a day out, but definitely worth it.