Four tricks to beat the card game Patience

Four tricks to play the card game Patience

Who didn’t grow up with it? The card game Patience. This game is impossible to do without in the assortment of card games.

Ideal because you can play it by yourself and only need a deck of cards. Today a guest blog on how to finish playing Patience.

The card game Patience

This card game became especially famous when the digital version came in the Windows computer system. The card game Patience is mildly addictive because you can easily play it on your own between business and besides, the chances of finishing it are pretty slim. Still, there are some tricks you can use to play away all the cards and of course I’m going to share them with you.

The age-old card game

The card game has a rich history. Among other things, it has been used to predict the future. Later it was increasingly used to pass the time with. In a nutshell, the card game is all about getting rid of all the cards as quickly as possible.

At the top are four blank spaces, which must eventually be filled with cards with the symbol hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. You start with the Ace and end with the King. These areas are filled by playing cards in the field below them.

To the left!

Another good trick is to work from right to left as much as possible. The right side often has the longest columns. Long columns also mean lots of cards below the cards turned over.

As you clear these columns, you get closer and closer to your goal of clearing all the cards.

Don’t loot the stock

You can compare the stock of cards (also called stock) to the food in your pantry that you have premeditatedly filled. It always looks very attractive to stock up because you do not think you have to keep them for a long time and it is easy to grab something quickly. During the game of Patience, it is just as appealing to take a card from the stock.
This is where you go wrong. The card game Patience is not called Patience for nothing: sometimes you have to be patient to get the right card. By regularly damaging the stock, you only bring more cards into play.

In doing so, you go beyond the complete purpose of the card game, which is to play away all the cards. So be patient and don’t break your stock until you really can’t find a matching card in the game.

Finding the right card

When the time comes to take the stock, the next trick is to play only the first three cards of the stock. If you then need to replenish the stock, the remaining cards are in a different order and you have a better chance of finding the right card again! Finally, be sparing with cards 5, 6, 7 and 8. You will find you need these cards in the end to complete the rows.

So you want to save these for last, so you can finally but still finish the game.