Review Purpuz Planner Achieve your goals with this agenda

Review: Purpuz planner. Achieve your goals with this agenda

For a few years now I have had a Bullet Journal in which I plan my days. Still, I’m always curious about other planners if the Purpuz Planner receive. A planner that helps you achieve your goals.

A planner, with plenty of writing space. Still, this won’t be my next planner.

Plans in a Bullet Journal

Since last year I have a Bullet Journal. I always had an agenda for this, but noticed that I didn’t have enough space to put all my creativity and writing into it. When I got to know the Bullet Journal I was quickly converted and decided to start with this too. I am very enthusiastic about the Bullet Journal, although it also takes a lot of time to make spreads every month.

That’s why I enjoyed receiving the Purpuz Planner and to see if this planner is something for me.

What is the Purpuz Planner?

The Purpuz Planner is an initiative of Clen Verkleij. During a burnout, he and his coach started to make an overview of his life. “Where am I now? Where do I dream of going?” He started keeping track of his moments of happiness on an A4 and started doing these ‘lucky makers’ more often. He became more balanced and happier. He progressed by planning, structuring and reflecting.

And so the Purpuz Planner was born. You can read the whole story behind the origin of the purpuz planner on their site.

Working with the Purpuz Planner

I received the 2019 planner in July. I use it next to my Bullet Journal and mainly plan everything around blogging in the Purpuz Planner. In blogging I have goals and wishes and I wanted to see if this planner is something for me.

The color alone is nice, I chose a fresh pink color.

What will you find in this calendar

How does this scheduler work? When you open the planner you will soon see it put together. ‘The Pupruz planner is no ordinary agenda; it is a tool to guide you to a more happy and successful life. The planner is set up in such a way that it helps you achieve your goals in balance.” I think this introduction is quite daring because I kind of get the idea that if I use it I will be successful and happy and to be honest I don’t know if a planner really cooperates with this but I read on and arrive at the eight tools that will take you to your goal.

The planner offers you eight tools:

  • purpuz map
  • matrix
  • plan
  • path
  • monthly schedule
  • weekly schedule
  • daytime reflection
  • ask yourself

The first four tools help you visualize your dreams, organize them, divide them into steps, and time and order them. Then there are two tools that help you plan and tools that make you reflect.

Then the tools are clearly explained one by one and you end up with the workbook. Here you get started with the eight goals yourself.

After filling this in, the agenda starts. Nice is the many space to write, in addition to the time slots, there is also enough space to write at the bottom of the page of the Purpuz Planner.

How does the Purpuz Planner work for me

I’ve been using the planner for a few months now. A nice thing about the planner is the ample writing space. There are two pages per month where you can store appointments and per week there is enough space to write and I can put all my notes here.

Yet I also notice that I don’t use everything from the planner. Each month starts with; questions to yourself, dwell on the present and plan your future. Questions that people may absolutely need, but I have little to do with myself. And even though I’m a planner, I’m not as concerned with goals as is possible in this planner.

As a result, the positive effect of the purpuz planner is a bit lost on me. In addition, I find the planner very large. It’s fine for my desk, but too big to take with me when I’m out and about.

The front of the planner describes exactly how to use the Purpuz planner. Easy when you use it for the first time, but pages that are not necessary if you have been using the planner for some time. It occurred to me that it might not be wrong to put these pages separately in the planner.

Conclusion ‘Purpuz Planner’

Now this purpuz planner may not be a planner for me. That doesn’t mean it’s not a great planner. After all, it is not so popular for nothing. It has a lot of writing space, gives you food for thought and helps you achieve your goals.

Are you looking for this, are you looking for balance in your life, do you like to write down your goals and do you want to learn how to plan with tools, then this is really a planner for you and I would definitely take a look at the site.