What should not be missing in your handbag

What should definitely not be missing in your handbag

What are you carrying around in your handbag?? This is a question I often hear from the men in the house. And I was so happy to leave the diaper bag at home.

Yet this one is also full every time. And logical too, because what can’t be missing in your handbag?

My handbag back

I loved that moment. The boys were old enough and I could leave the diaper bag at home. For years I lugged this around, but now I only have to take my own handbag with me.

But I still take a lot with me in my bag every time.

More than a handbag

I have three handbags that I use. When I take my daily walk I have a small bag in which only my key and phone fit. Ideal for with my walk around, but too small for daily use.

Therefore I have a handbag for daily use where I can take a lot with me. I also have a shoulder bag which I call my ‘out and about bag’. I always have this with me when we go on vacation, I go to a blog event or I go out with the boys.

They can hold a bit more, think of my camera and laptop.

My phone in a case

What should not be missing in your handbag? Here it is first of all my phone. I never expected this, but even I get a little nervous when I leave my cell phone at home. I always have my mobile phone in my handbag.

That’s why I’m also into phone cases. I like to protect my phone and I need a case for that. This is not bad at all, there is so much choice.

This is how I found myself a very nice iPhone 11 pro case. One that totally matches my -I love pink-.

My wallet

Of course, I can put my cards in my phone case, but I’m someone who, in addition to, I don’t know how many cards, always carries petty cash as well. That’s why I always carry an old-fashioned wallet in my handbag.

My keys

Always have keys with you. With me these hang on a key ring with lots of frills on it. This I do consciously.

Because this makes it so full, that with a reach into my purse, I can grab my keys.

A notebook and sketchbook

This year I still have my Bullet Journal, which I use as a planner. This one is too big to carry in my handbag. Tricky, that’s why I always carry a notebook with me, I write down notes and the addresses where I need to go. Next year I will use a diary again, this one is smaller and will fit in my bag.

I actually find this easier. In addition, I always have a drawing book and pencils in my purse. No wonder my bag is so full!

But if I have to wait somewhere I can do some sketching in the meantime.

My laptop

As I wrote, when I go to a flower event or go out with the boys, I take my big shoulder bag. I can easily fit my laptop in here as well as my camera. When the boys were younger, I was constantly watching them, were they in the playground or somewhere else.

This is no longer necessary. These days I get to work on my laptop when they are swimming or playing. A big bag is just as easy.

In a nutshell

The standard items you carry a handbag with you are obviously keys, phone and a wallet. But what else do you take with you in your handbag:

  • Make-up (here it’s just lipstick and a lip balm)
  • Calendar
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Band-aids
  • Sunglasses
  • Pen
  • Paracetamol

The conclusion about my handbag

When I read what I take with me, it is not surprising that my handbag is so big and heavy, because it is often not my own stuff. Also the wallet and telephone of the husband often go in there and what about that one Playmobil doll of the son or his book that still has to come along. Conclusion, even though I’m out of the diaper bag, that handbag will remain size trunk for now.