Secret Protectors Club City kids on street adventure

Secret Protectors Club: City kids on a street adventure

Secret Protectors Club wants to use a crowdfunding campaign to make accessible low-threshold, exciting adventures in urban nature, so that urban children can go on adventures in their own streets. But how do they want to do this and why this crowdfunding? You can read all about it here.

Making urban children curious about nature

How to make children curious about the secrets of nature in their own neighborhood? How to raise a new generation of nature lovers? The Secret Protectors Club does have ideas about that and wants to accomplish this with an Experience Box.

A box filled with letters of exciting, magical adventures in urban nature.

Crowdfunding campaign

They hope to fund the first product with the crowdfunding campaign that launched May 19. Nature Hero’s like Henk van Dalen of The Ocean Cleanup are part of the initiative by writing letters for children and recording inspirational video messages.

For kids ages 4-8

The three-month Secret Protectors Experience Box contains the adventures of River, Tom and their flying bike Rusty. Children ages 4 to 8 are encouraged with letters and missions to protect the plants, animals and people around them. When they complete a mission, they receive an inspirational message from a well-known Nature Hero, such as Henk van Dalen (The Ocean Cleanup), Alexandra Vosmaer (Fat Forest), Ulrich Eichelmann (The Riverwatch) and Tommy van Beek (The Pollinators).

Secret Protectors Club

Masha Cheriakova, children’s book author and founder of the Secret Protectors Club: “As a mother of two, I think it is important to teach children from an early age how much fun the immediate nature around them is. Children can also take care of nature in their neighborhood. This generation has the opportunity to make a difference.

With the adventures of River, Tom and Rusty and stories from the lives of real Nature Hero’s we want to enthuse young children about nature. Even in the city there is a lot of beauty around you to discover.”

Second and third box

To cover the production costs of the first Experience Box and start development of the second and third boxes, €30.000 needed. In addition, the Secret Protectors Club has the ambition to create special school packs in the future and develop customized boxes for various children’s organizations. A partnership with Scouting Netherlands is currently underway.

Secret Protectors Club hopes to eventually reach and enthuse children around the world about nature.

What will you find in the Experience Box

Investing via the crowdfunding platform is possible from as little as €5. From €20 you receive the first Experience Box as soon as the Secret Protectors Club €15.000 has raised and the production costs of the first box have been covered. This first Secret Protectors Club Experience Box includes:

  • 6 Illustrated Letters from River & Tom
  • 6 Mission Cards with fun missions for the whole family
  • 5 Video messages from real Nature Hero’s activated by the secret QR Codes
  • 2 Animated video messages from River, Tom & their flying bike Rusty!
  • A Secret Protectors Club badge. Wear your badge with pride and show everyone that you are part of Secret Protectors Club.
  • A secret letter for adults with tips on how to get your child excited about the magic of nature

About Secret Protectors Club:

The Secret Protectors Club is a membership to a special club for children ages 4 to 8 years old. Members explore and care for nature in their neighborhood. The Secret Protectors Club’s first product is a three-month Experience Box with a collection of 6 beautifully written and illustrated letters full of exciting and magical adventures in nature, written by your pen pals River & Tom and their flying bike Rusty.

Help make the Secret Protectors Club a reality and donate HERE.

Enthuse urban children about nature

How nice it is to be able to enthuse urban children about nature, so nice to be outdoors and go on adventures. And how fun it is to be able to engage in missions with the whole family. I think this Experience Box can definitely contribute to children’s love of nature.

If you have any questions check out the Secret Protectors Club site!