Toys for mothers and dolls baby born baby dragon

Toys for (doll) mothers; Baby born baby dragon

Yes, you read it correctly. Doll mothers is in quotation marks. I can't help it but what I received now I could hardly give away to the children. How cute it is and how pink it is.

And it's interactive too. I love it. Yep, this mother is In love with the Baby Born Baby dragon we got to test.

With pain in my heart I gave it to my little girl.

Toys for doll mothers

I secretly hope that my little girl will become a doll mother. She is almost 1 and finds her brother's toys very interesting. Her own toys are okay too but nothing compares to her brother's cool stuff.

Madam has dolls, horses, pink things but no the Action Man of the eldest are much cuter anyway.

For the time being, I will keep going and hope that the little girl will develop a preference for dolls after all. She may be tough but I think all that pink doll stuff is so cute. So this mom was very happy when she got a very pink dragon. A dragon that is super pink, makes sounds and matches the Baby Born doll I put on her wish list.

Hoping there's a doll mother somewhere in that tough girl of mine.

Baby Born Baby dragon

Last month I was sent home a tremendously cute little dragon. A bright pink Baby Born baby dragon. With accompanying magic wand full of glitter.

How pink and girly can a dragon be? Well done;

When you press the magic wand against the dragon's forehead he starts to babble. You don't understand it but of course that is the very idea of a BABY dragon. The youngest had to laugh at the sounds the dragon makes.

The eldest thought it was too pink but could not resist waving the magic wand a few times.

For now, this super soft toy is sitting pretty and waiting for the day my youngest turns into a real doll mom. I can't wait and I don't think the little dragon can either.

Toys for doll mothers; Baby born baby dragon 2

Shop the Baby Born Baby dragon

Would you like to have this sweet little dragon too? Or as a present of course? You can find it at Several Toy Stores and at for € 19.99.


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